Idli using Idli Rava


Idli Rava – 3 cups

Ulad daal – 1 cup




Soak the rava and ulad daal seperately for 6hrs  or overnight and grind the rava in the mixie/grinder squeezing all the water. There is no need of adding water for grinding the rava as the batter will become thin. After grinding the rava, grind the ulad daal adding little water to a thick paste and mix with the rava. Add requried quantity of salt and mix the batter well to a thick consistency. Keep the batter for 8 to 10 hrs to ferment. If it is winter, you can preheat the cooking range oven for sometime and put off  and then keep the idli mix in that so that it will ferment nicely. Once fermented, you can use it for making idlis.  Oil the idli cooker/steamer and pour a ladle of batter in each. Steam for about 15 mins. Once cooled, remove the idlis and serve. You can also make idlis using Idli rice.


For all the health consious people out there, you can make idlis without using rice. 🙂

Use moong dal instead. The ratio is 2 cups of moong dal : 1 cup of ulad dal.

Soak the moong dal for a few hours (4-6 hrs) and then grind the moong dal first adding a little water and then grind the ulal dal. Allow it to ferment and then make idlis like normal process mentoned above. It turns out great and total healthy – protein and no carbs!!! This idea was given to me by a friend of mine..I tried it out and it turned out great!!!

Idlis - yummy and soft


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