Green apple pickle

I love pickles! I missed the ‘mangakeeru’ that mom makes at home, being away in US. Also the mango season has ended, making it very difficult to make them anytime… and one day it so happened that we visited Harish’s cousin and family in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and I was lamenting about missing this simple delectable dish….Suddenly athimber was excited and said…why don’t you try out with green apples that are sour…It comes out great with them..we have tried it! That was just a great idea…..I came back to Dallas and one of  the first things I did was go to Walmart and get a bunch of green apples to try this…Must say, fabulous idea and great recipe…it was finger-licking good ;)…Now anytime I feel like having these, I just get some green apples and VOILA!  “Tasty bhi aur heathly bhi” – as the old saying goes – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Now I practise it 😉 Thank you Athimber… :)))


Green apples – 2 Nos.
Chilli powder – half teaspoon
Salt – half teaspoon (as per taste)
Asafoetida – about half teaspoon


Finely chop the green apples as you would mangoes for pickles.

Add the chilli powder and salt and leave it.

Meanwhile heat oil and when hot add the asafoetida(hing) and switch off gas (otherwise there is a chance of the hing getting burnt.). Wait for it to cool down. Then add the hing or asafoetida mixture to the green apple mixture and let it sit for a few hours….Yummy pickle ready…Healthy and crunchy pickle..You will not even realise that its not mangoes, but apples in there. I made this at home and it literally finished in a couple of minutes!


2 responses to “Green apple pickle

  1. My dear Swapna , thanks for this chatpati achar which is really yummy and i loved it a lot !! am waiting for some more ideas like this for a change in taste…. loved it !!

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