Lettuce Wraps



Napa Cabbage or Chinese cabbage (for the wraps)

Ginger Sesame dressing – I added some pinapple chunks well purreed to this so that it has a sweet pineapple taste to it too.


First wash tofu well in running water. Then slice it into bars/chunks and place it on cloth or tissue and place some weight on top of it. This is to completely drain the water off tofu, so that it will absorb the marinade sauce.

Once the water content has been taken off, you can just place the tofu chunks in a pan and turn on the gas to medium high. Press the chunks to heat dry the tofu to remove all traces of water.

Then mix the ginger-sesame dressing with the tofu pieces and leave it to marinate for a couple of hours. After a few hours, again just dry roast the marinade tofu pieces in a pan to lightly roast it. Allow the chinks to cool. Then chop the chunks into tiny pieces. If there is any marinade dressing left, mix it with the finely chopped tofu pieces.

Optional sauce (Fusion effect).

Mix a small amount of soy sauce with date chutney ( date chutney = dates + jaggery + tamarind + salt ). Dilute it with water to a sauce consistency.

To serve

Arrange the Napa cabbage leaves in the form of a dish and scoop out a spoon of tofu and place in center.

Drizzle little bit of the date-soy sauce above if you like it and serve.


To make the lettuce wraps more enticing and attractive for children, in addition to the tofu, scoop some salsa and sour cream and serve…..Its a very good appetizer and snack in itself…

I had some green apple pickle at home, so i tried tofu and green apple pickle together. It was great!!!


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