As they say “Food is way to a man’s heart”, this dish comes close to one of them that can do the job. The thing that drew me towards this is the inclusion of coffee in its making. Harish who does not drink coffee, can you believe that – a South Indian who does not like coffee, loved it. I made this for celebrating our half year anniversary and it did turn out well.

This Italian dish does take sometime to make, but is worth every bit of effort. If you have a careless person at home then it would take more time (read wasting all the eggs, going to the market and getting more and then hoping that the next time he does’nt mess up all over again). Well I guess these are memories that will come when I eat a Tiramisu ever again.  That is precisely life is all about, create memories and remember them!

Recipe at :


Changes I made to this recipe:
1) Did not use the whipped cream. Using it makes it all the more softer than it already is. So avoided it for calorie reason 😉
2) Did not use Marsala wine or coffee liquor as did not get either. Instead used 2 tbsp of brandy in the egg yolks mixture and about 1 tbsp with the expresso. Brandy or Kahlua works fine too. ( Special thanks to our dear friend who was kind enough to spare a few ounces of brandy from his stock for me, to make this endeavour possible :))).
3) I used 4 eggs as against 3 mentioned in recipe, to have more volume of the mascarpone mixture for 2 layers as i avoided the whipped or heavy cream part.
4) I refrigerated the tiramisu overnight (at least 12-14 hrs). This is better in terms of the layers setting and the taste.
5) Topped it with light cocoa powder before serving.


Tiramisu tasted great. Harish loved this. People who love coffee and chocolate will love this.
Quite honestly – others may not, as it is a pure choco-coffee indulgence.

To make it more chocolately, you can add chocolate powder to the mascarpone mixture. I did not add any chocolate pieces or powder. In addition you can also garnish with chocolate powder while serving !

For a low-fat recipe – try this:

Since I was trying out this for the first time, wanted to try the original recipe!


Below are some snaps I took while making this at home:


2 responses to “Tiramisu

  1. Hey Swapna..
    Loved everything which u have written so faar..:).. good work ..keep it up..and this tiramisu sure looks yummy ..as I like coffee and choclate flavour… Mmmm wanna eat this….

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