A day out at the Farmer’s Market

Wonderful bright sunny Sunday morning! Crisp weather. Where do I head out to???? the Farmer’s market at Mountain view on Castro street right by the caltrain station- one of the finest and best farmer’s market in the bay area. It is a glorified version of the ‘angadi’  or ‘sabzi mandi’ or ‘pachakari market’ which I used to frequent as a child back in India.

Seasonal fruits – white peaches, pluots, nectarines, yellow nectranies, dandy dees, plums, watermelons, cantaloupe, honeydews, apples, oranges, grapes – so many varieties of each and the best part – you can sample each before you buy them 🙂

Guess what – my find for the day – Jujubee !!!- which are chinese dates. so jujubees existed much before Rajnikant popularised them 😛
Never knew about them until today. Read up on the health benefits of this fruit here. Got a small bag of these and must say they are mildly sweet with an earthy nutty taste. It is eaten as it is as a fruit or is used to make rice pudding and in many dishes – here is a recipe that uses jujube.

There is always a new fruit or vegetable that I come across on every visit to the farmer’s market. Its an educational experience for kids and adults alike.

The sight of fresh vegetables, plucked right out of the ground is very refreshing!!! Farmer’s markets in every part of the world promote the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables as they travel less distance from farm to fork , thereby enhancing the nutritional value of food consumed.

You also have vendors selling honey, honey products, products made from herbs like sauve, lip butters, sorbets, tender coconut water, baked items like fresh muffins, breads and cakes…. my stomach is always full on the trip back from farmers market with all the sampling done 😉

The Orange Hokkaido – or Red kuri is a type of squash and is on my list of new thing to experiment. Can’t wait to lay my hands on it on my next visit to the farmers market!

I always come back very refreshed, ebullient and excited with my loot from the farmers market – my mind racing at possibilities for my culinary ventures and my hubby with a very happy face thinking of whats going to land up on his plate.

Though farmers markets tend to be pricey than Target or Safeway…they do come with benefits.

My loot from this trip 🙂

Fresh food + happy thoughts + simple living = very healthy mind body and soul 🙂

Bon Appetit!


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