Bell Pepper Sabji/Curry

I happened to get some wonderful gorgeous colored bell peppers at the Farmer’s Market on my last visit. It ended up on our plates as our much loved simple bell pepper sabji which is very quick and easy. Another after-work-tired-and easy-to-whip-up-recipe πŸ™‚ Have a look! πŸ™‚


Bell Peppers- 1.5 to 2 cups julliened (use any colour – green bell peppers will make it more spicer, red bell peppers make it more sweeter, I used a mixed bunch this time – orange, light green, yellow, red etc – see image below)

Onion – 1 no finely chopped

Tomatoes – 2 medium/small chopped finely

Ginger – an inch

Green chillies- 2 to 3 nos based on desired heat levels.

Tumeric powder – a pinch

Dhania Jeera powder – 1 tsp – optional

Salt to taste

Coriander to garnish

For tempering

Oil- 1 tbsp

Ajwain (carom seeds)- 1 tsp

Cumin seeds – 1 tsp


The wonderful bell peppers from the Farmers Market that went into this dish πŸ™‚

Heat oil and add items under tempering. Once the spices release their aroma , add ginger and green chilles, saute for a few seconds and add onions. Once the onions lose the raw smell, add salt and cook till they turn translucent. Add tumeric and the chopped tomatoes and cook till they mushy and cooked well. Add the dhania – jeera powder if using and cook a little more. Add the julienned bell peppers and give a good stir. No need to add water as the bell peppers will let out water while they cook. Don’t overcook them as the dish taste great when the bell peppers are a little crunchy. The dish will have a semi-solid consistency perfect for phulkas and rotis. If you wish for more gravy – add water accordingly. Adjust salt and garnish with cilantro and serve πŸ™‚


1) Bell Peppers and lemons are a good combination! This dish tastes amazing with a liberal squeeze of lemon all over it at the end! Totally optional!

2) Β For a more North Indian taste – change the tempering items to whole garam masala – cloves, cinnamon, bayleaf, fennel seeds and cardomom. For a more South Indian taste go for – mustard seeds, urad dal, whole red chilies, a pinch of cumin and of course curry leaves. Depending on the tempering , the dish tastes different. For everyday purposes, I like to keep it simple and hence use only ajwain and cumin. But depending on my mood, occassionally I change the tempering to differ the taste.

Bon Appetit πŸ™‚


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